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Local Rules.










1. General


2. Discipline


3. Matches


4. Bad Weather Match Cancellations


5. Cup Competitions/Games


6. League Play-Off’s


7. Referees


8. Substitutes


9. Practice & Training.


10. Managers Specific Responsibilities


11. Replacement Players


12. Junior Pool- Rule Amendments









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1. General



1.4. Full Committee meetings will be held during the playing season. There will also be a meeting just before the start of every new season .


Seven of the twelve (Seniors + Intermediate + Juniors) teams are to be represented to form a quorum. The voting rights associated with each of the sections will be: 2 votes per team in all sections.


1.7. All members of the League will be invited to the League Annual General Meeting. Each member will only be allowed one vote per proposal.


1.8. As provided under the constitution and procedure, parents, guardians, carers, etc. will have no jurisdiction over elected Committee Members as regard to team management matters, unless prior permission is given should both managers be unavailable.


1.9. All grievances must be in writing to the League Secretary.


1.10. Committee Members will be expected to participate in all of the Leagues activities.


1.11. The minimum age to become a League Manager is 18 years old

Co Managers and Junior Mangers minimum age is to be 15 years old. Note: Under exceptional circumstances the League Management Committee may allow younger managers to take control of Senior, Intermediate, Junior and Bantams teams as Co Mangers.


1.12. League matters are not to be discussed pitch-side. Under normal circumstances they should be raised in person, or by exception in writing, at the next League Committee meeting. An Emergency League Committee meeting may be called to resolve matters of importance (Rule 1.4 will still apply). In exceptional circumstances the League Management Committee will deal with matters within 24 Hours / on the day (See also Rule 2.1.).


1.13. Managers and Officials of the League are expected to support the decisions made by the League Management Committee, or by majority voting at the Full Committee Meetings. Unless agreed otherwise decisions will be final and no further discussion is to take place. It is of critical importance that the League shows a united front to players and parents alike.


1.14 All managers to have undergone CRB check and clearance obtained prior to being actively involved with running a team. (See 10.1).



2. Discipline


2.1. All disciplinary matters will be dealt with by the League Management Committee. Any appeals regarding decisions taken by the League Management Committee must be made in writing and be in accordance with Little League Football Rules.


2.2. If a boy/girl is sent off during the season the League Management Committee will decide on the boys/girls punishment. Any suspension will not apply to friendly games unless the particular suspension causes a team to be in contravention to Rule 3.2.  The League Management Committee will consider the permanent exclusion of any player who receives more than two red cards in a season.  Three yellow cards in one season will result in a 1 match ban.


2.3. It is essential that all Committee Members set personal examples of conduct and discipline both on and off the field of play. All Committee Members should ensure that parents, guardians, carers and supporters also conduct themselves responsibly.



3. Matches


3.1. Games should kick off at Stated times.  One half hour delay will be allowed at the Referees’ Secretary’s discretion in adverse weather conditions.



3.2. For the Senior and Intermediate leagues, the minimum number of players to constitute a team shall be 8. Should a team field less than 8 players the game will be awarded (2-0) to the other team, and the game will be played as a friendly. If neither team can field the required number of players, the match will be considered to have no result and no points will be awarded. The League match will not be replayed.

In Cup games there will be no forfeit; all games require a result no matter how many players a team has!


Note: When League numbers preclude Intermediate teams fielding full sides, the minimum number of boys a team should field can be reduced by agreement at a Committee Meeting. Should this situation arise the Committee must review the need to continue the arrangement at each subsequent committee meeting!


3.3. If any Senior or Intermediate player is not at the pitch before his match has started, he will not be allowed to participate in that game until half time. The player must be present prior to the kick off of the second half.


3.4. Senior and Intermediate League matches will consist of two 'half’s' of twenty five minutes each. A five minutes break for half time will be allowed. See also the conditions laid out in Rule 5.


3.5 All Managers of the first game should inspect the pitches before games for glass and any other objects that could cause injury to a boy.


3.6 All Managers should give there results in by the end of Play on Saturday on the score sheet if both teams fail to write there score down the game could be awarded a 0-0 by the management committee for failing to attend to League Business



4. Bad Weather - Match Cancellations


4.1. General


4.1.1. The Referees’ Secretary shall, with aid of the Chairman, Vice Chairman and League Secretary inspect the pitches to determine if they are fit for play. Inspections should take place at least 30 minutes prior to starting play. In the event of a disagreement the Referees’ Secretary’s decision will be final.

Game maybe delayed up to 30 mins to allow the pitch or the weather to improve.


4.1.2. In adverse weather conditions, Sutton Council may permit Senior Football to play on any particular Saturday. The League and Sutton Borough Council have agreed that “if in the opinion of the Referees Secretary, the pitches are dangerous for Little League Football, they will reimburse payment for that Saturday”. To comply with this agreement, the Senior Referee must complete and forward the appropriate Sutton Borough Council Form to the effect that the pitch is not fit for play due to ground conditions. Time for pitch improvement will be allowed as in Rule 3.1. On no account are matches of any kind to be played on these mornings. Even if the pitch may be playable at a later time than the agreed league kick-off times in Rule 3.1.

(Need to advise the Council on the next working day. E-mail has sufficed in the past. Secretary should do this.)


4.1.3. If during match one or two on any weekend bad weather causes the abandonment of a game, then the League Management Committee will decide whether the results stand or if the games should be replayed. If during match three, bad weather causes the abandonment of the rest of that game, as long as one half has been played, the score as at half time will stand as the final result and all three games’ points will stand.


4.1.4. The results of completed Cup Games will stand; any games postponed will be replayed.




4.2 Senior League/ Intermediate League/ Juniors League


4.2.1 The league programme will be of ten weeks each half. If during the league programme a week is lost due to bad weather, the previous weeks fixtures will be played, i.e. if week two is cancelled, week two’s games will be played on week three and so on.

Once teams have played 5 league games in the second half of the season, that would constitute a final league table if we don’t have enough weeks left to finish the fixtures.



5. Cup Competitions/Games


5.1. Senior League/ Intermediate League


5.1.1. Cup games will be played after the second half of the season is finished. If the Cup Final or Challenge Shield Final is drawn at the end of normal time, the game will move into two 7 minute periods of extra time. If the score is still level there will be a penalty shootout. Each team has five penalties. If the scores are still level then sudden death penalties will come in to play. Every boy is allowed to take a penalty including boys that have been substituted but a boy may not take another penalty until every player in the squad has taken one!

Note: The 7 minute periods of extra time are designed to allow the full use of substitutes!



6. League Play-offs


6.1. In the event of two different teams winning the first and second half of the season then there will be a one game play-off to decide the winners and runners-up. Should the score be level after the completion of normal time then the game will move into two 7 minute periods of extra time. If the score is still level there will be a penalty shootout. Each team has five penalties. If the scores are still level then sudden death penalties will come in to play. Every boy is allowed to take a penalty including boys that have been substituted but a boy may not take another penalty until every player in the squad has taken one!

Note: The 7 minute periods of extra time are designed to allow the full use of substitutes!



7. Referee


7.1. The Referee shall:


-make a pitch inspection before the first game;


- make periodical checks on the condition of the studs of each player. Any player, whose

studs are in the eyes of the Referee found to be unsafe, will not be permitted to take part in

that match on that day. The player will be allowed to change his studs or footwear to comply;


- check goalposts are safe and ensure that a first aid kit is available;


- ensure shin pads are worn by all players. NO SHIN PADS - NO PLAY!!!

Note: Shin pads must be worn inside socks;


- inform players prior to each game that anyone heard swearing will be sent off;


- ensure jewellery is removed, or taped.


Inspections are too carried out at the start of each game.


After each game Referees must hand the match ball, flags to the official for the next match. The Referee controlling the final match must ensure the return of said items to the league kit bag!


7.2. A referee rota will be drawn up at the beginning of the season. Senior managers will referee Senior games and intermediate managers will referee intermediate games. The referee rota will be part of your duties as a manager!


7. 3 All mangers will Referee or line the game after theirs if you are last game then you will need to do the first game this applies in every section.


8. Substitutes


8.1. Roll on / roll off substitutions applies. Substitutions must be used fairly by managers to give all players equal chance to play.

Every boy is to play at least 20 minutes in the Senior and Intermediate leagues. If a manager is seen to be not giving all his boys at least the required time, the League Management Committee have the power to enforce this rule. If the manger continues to disregard this rule the League Management Committee has the power to ask this manager to leave the League.

Note: Little League Football is about giving every boy the same opportunity!



9. Practice & Training.


9.1. Teams will not be permitted to practice prior to the commencement of their game other than on the actual playing field. No footballs are to be kicked adjacent to the playing pitch. Managers should be responsible for any footballs taken down to the playing area by their team members.


9.2. Training may take place, but managers will not be allowed to charge the boys more than £2 each. If a boy/girl is not able to afford this you cannot tell that boy/girl that they cannot train with the team! As a Manager you might have to make up the difference of the cost to hire a venue.



10. Managers Specific Responsibilities


10.1. Every Manager will be expected to complete and submit a Criminal Records Disclosure Application Form. Failure to meet the vetting criteria may result in a manager being asked to leave the League. NB: Full details of the Process are available from the League Secretary, or the Leagues’ nominated Responsible Person.


10.2. Every Manager is to collect and launder their teams’ shirts each week. They must also make it known to each parent/guardian/carer that the kit (shorts and socks) is on loan to their son during his period with the League and that they will be held responsible for loss or damage and that they are laundered correctly.


10.3. It is the Managers responsibility to collect, launder and return the kit to the League Chairman or Vice Chairman at the end of each season – this will normally be considered to be after the last day of the season.


10.4. All boys are to wear the Little League kit provided and not their own personal kit. Managers are required to inspect kit prior to kick-off. Any player not wearing his allocated kit will not be allowed to play in that game on that day.


10.4.1  All Managers should give there results in by the end of Play on Saturday on the score sheet if both teams fail to write there score down the game could be awarded a 0-0 by the management committee for failing to attend to League Business


10.41. All managers who are inside the pitch rope, whether managing, refereeing or acting as linesman must wear their league shirt/jacket at all times.


10.5. The football kit allocated to each boy must only be worn for the Saturday morning game. It is the responsibility of all team managers to emphasise to their team that any boy found wearing his Little League kit other than for Saturday morning games may be suspended from Little League Football.


10.6. Managers should discourage players from wearing track suit bottoms under their football shorts. In severe cold weather, plain black or dark blue track suit bottoms may be worn under the players’ shorts and socks. Any other form of clothing (e.g. jeans) will not be allowed to be worn on the field of play under any circumstances. Shirts must be tucked inside shorts at all times and socks tied up. Shin Pads must be worn inside socks.



10.7. Managers are to warn all players that they should respect the area around the pitches, changing rooms and Sports Hall and must not, under any circumstances damage trees, fencing or other property. Nor are they allowed to go into the main Arena pitch, play with footballs inside the arena or inside the dressing rooms, or ride bicycles or skateboards inside the arena.


10.8. Managers and Co Managers of the game in progress must take care not to obstruct the Referees’ Assistant’s line of vision. Should the Referee deem that their presence is adversely affecting the performance of the Referees’ Assistant, he/she may ask the offending Manager(s) to stand behind the rope. There should be no more than two managers per team inside the rope at any given time. Substitutes should wear the bibs supplied by the league at all times and are to cover their team colours. NB: Managers of teams not playing are not allowed inside the rope.


10.9. All major trophies are the property of the League. Team Managers will be responsible for these trophies during the period of the award. They must be returned to the trophies Sub-Committee, in the condition that they were awarded, by the end of February the following year. Team sponsors or Managers should look after the main trophy(s). The team trophies are not to be taken home by the boys.


10.10. Managers must impress on their players that swearing is not permitted and is a RED card offence.


10.11. Managers are expected to work together to ensure the smooth running of the League. This includes sharing the workload on Saturday mornings and attendance at Social Functions and League Meetings. Any Manager deemed not to be carrying out his duties in full or abiding by the Code of Conduct may be asked to leave by the Chairman.



11. Replacement Players



11.1. If a player misses three consecutive weeks from Little League Football without a justifiable reason, this will be deemed to be the time for this boy to be replaced from the reserve pool. The Players Registrations’ Secretary must ensure by reference to the boys parents(s)/guardian(s)/carer(s) that a justifiable reason does not exist and that the boy is not interested in playing regular games in Little League. All cases of this nature which do not include school football should be referred to the League Players Registrations’ Secretary. Any concerns or grievances fellow Managers may have must not be expressed pitch side, Rules 1.9 and 1.12 apply. All boys/girls will be considered eligible to play unless the Players Registrations’ Secretary informs managers otherwise. If a boy/girl returns to Little League after leaving during a season, his case for coming back will be decided by the League Management Committee but he/she must rejoin the team he/she left if a space can be found.

If for some reason he/she does not wish to return to same team the League Management Committee will decide whether the player should be allowed to come back into the

league. Each application is to be considered on its own merit by the League Management Committee.

If a new boy comes into the Senior or Intermediate leagues then he shall be placed into the pool from where he will be selected at random

If any team has 2 or more players fewer than all other teams in that league, then the league Management committee shall draw at random from the pool until the difference becomes just 1 player fewer. If there is only one player available in the pool, then that manager shall be allocated that player immediately. In exceptional circumstances, the League Management Committee reserves the right to place a player in a team. No manager from that league who is a member of the League Management Committee shall be involved in any such placement.

If a new player comes in to the Bantam or Junior leagues then the League management committee will decide which team the player will be allocated to.


11.2. Arrangements can be made to reserve boys for teams where brothers play. In this case Managers of such teams should notify the League Secretary on selection night before selection starts. These brothers must be picked as first choice in the age group that the Manager is picking, i.e. if the brother is 11 years old and is reserved, this boy must be the first choice in this age group.


11.3. Senior squads will comprise of a maximum of 8 boys aged at U14 and the remaining boys at U13. Intermediate squads will comprise of boys and girls aged at U12 and U11. Junior squads will comprise of boys and girls aged at U10 and U9. Bantam squads will comprise of boys and girls aged at U8 and U7. The League Secretary will advise Intermediate managers of any age ratios that apply in advance of selection night each season.




12. Junior and Bantam Leagues


The Junior and Bantam teams will abide by Carshalton Little League local rules. The exceptions are:


12.1. Games will be 7 aside, and of 17 minutes duration each way.


12.2. Substitutions can take place at any time during the game. Any player who has been substituted can rejoin the game at any time. Care should be taken to ensure that every boy gets to play for at least 15 minutes.



12.3. The Back-Pass rule does not apply.


12.4. All other normal football rules apply.


12.5. All boys will stay in their Bantam or Junior team for the duration of the season.


12.6. It is expected that the referee will allow play to flow and will only penalise the most blatant foul throws. There will be no offside. Serious foul play and deliberate handball should always be penalised. It is advisable for managers to explain this philosophy to players and parents.


12.7. The Bantam and Junior Leagues are the boys’ and girls’ introduction to Little League football. Managers are asked to make sure that the boys enjoy their game above all else.


12.8. 6 players are the minimum number that a team require to play a game according to the F.A.


12.9. Managers should actively encourage players to wear tracksuits under their kit in very cold weather.


12.10. Shin pads MUST be worn. No shin pads, no play!!!


12.11.  Full Little League kit must be worn. No kit, no play!!!


12.12. The minimum age to become a Junior Manager is 15 years old. Note: Under exceptional circumstances the League Management Committee may allow younger managers to take control of Intermediate or Junior teams.


12.13. Players MUST be registered before they play for insurance purposes.


12.14 The Junior league will be decide by points Only and not GD .The same applies for the runners up. If at the end of the second half of the season a team win’s the league on there own and was the team that won the first half of the season then they will be champions. And the other teams will play for runners up if need be.if the same teams win both half’s then there will be a playoff for winners and runners up.


12.15  All Managers should give there results in by the end of Play on Saturday on the score sheet if both teams fail to write there score down the game could be awarded a 0-0 by the management committee for failing to attend to League Business


12.15 FA rules state no off sides in mini soccer.


12.16 Managers Agree team numbers if short of players ie 1 team got 6 the other team plays with 6?






Managers are expected to:


- set a good example;


- encourage fair play and team spirit. Do not allow the boys/girls to argue amongst themselves;


- take their turn in refereeing (usually the game directly after theirs);


- arrive by 08.00 to prepare the pitch (goals, rope, benches, first aid, water)


- put all the equipment away when playing the last game,



- advise their players that bad sportsmanship / language / arguing with officials will not be tolerated.  In the case of players swearing they are to be sent off. Those arguing are to be cautioned and then sent off if they persist.


Only those players or managers taking part in the match are allowed inside the rope.