Carshalton Little League

Football For All


Code Of Conduct


Players                                    Parents/Spectators    


Play within the laws of the game                Support, encourage and praise players


Be punctual                                                          Give positive feedback


Attend training                                           Discuss team matters in private


Behave honestly & sportingly                    Respect opponents and referees


Respect Referees’ decisions                        Offer Support


Accept Managers’ decisions                       No foul, abusive of threatening language


Respect opponents                                     No violent behavior


Encourage your team-mates                       No alcohol or drugs while in attendance


No swearing or spitting                              Do not put undue pressure on players


No retaliation or fighting


Do not belittle opponents


Do not argue with Officials


Good behavior at all times


Accept others’ limitations




Support, encourage & praise players               Do not play unfit players


Set a good example                                         Do not cheat or try to deceive referees


Be impartial in making decisions                       Do not play unfit players


Comply with F.A and League Rules                 Always provide a safe environment   


Be organized                                                   Accept feedback                     


Take into account different players circumstances and abilities


Make playing football enjoyable


Take a balanced view when making substitutions and be fair to every boy/girl

Making sure they all play at least half a game.